At Deerhaven Gardens ®, we understand that there are as many ways to treat alcohol use disorder as there are individuals struggling with the disease. This is why in addition to our primary treatment modality — the Sinclair Method — we offer a broad range of alcohol addiction therapies aimed at helping you take control of your alcohol use issues. In this way, we can tailor a treatment program to each of our clients’ individual needs.

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Alcohol Addiction Therapy Services at Deerhaven Gardens ®

The Sinclair Method

The Sinclair Method is the foundation of our practice at Deerhaven Gardens ®. This innovative but underutilized treatment approach involves the oral administration of the drug Naltrexone in combination with psychosocial therapy to allow clients who are battling alcohol addiction to take their lives back from this dreaded disease. Clinical trials demonstrated in the 1980s that Naltrexone decreases alcohol consumption and relapse rates, and the Food and Drug Administration approved it as an effective treatment for alcohol use disorder in 1994.


Psychotherapy is among the most effective and sought-after treatments available for alcohol use disorders. In a psychotherapy session, you interact with a therapist in a way that helps you understand and address your motivations and behaviors. A therapist’s role changes depending upon the circumstances and the needs of the client; they may act as a personal counselor, a teacher, or even as a social worker. Psychotherapy is particularly effective when used in concert with the Sinclair Method.

Group therapy

Group therapy at Deerhaven Gardens ® allows clients to engage with other women in the program who have similar experiences and similar recovery goals. Engaging your own alcohol use issues in the presence of others does more than just provide an extra layer of accountability. It also puts your situation into perspective and allows you to develop a network of support. Additionally, listening to others allows you to grow by serving as a support figure for others.

Family Therapy

One of the most difficult aspects of alcohol addiction is the fact that it is isolating. Relationships — and especially family relationships — rarely survive alcohol addiction intact. In our family therapy program, clients learn to rebuild these relationships, and we educate family members on the importance of accepting and understanding the needs of the individual struggling with addiction issues.

Motivational Interviewing

In motivational interviewing, we use an interview process that allows you to address your motivation for quitting. By affirming your reasons for freeing yourself from alcohol, you can find new resolve and avoid later relapse.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-focused brief therapy is an innovative therapeutic approach that works well alongside more traditional methods. Instead of focusing on how you have gotten where you are, it focuses on what you can do right now to change your behaviors. In solution-focused brief therapy, we assume that you know what you need to change, but that you need guidance to enact that change.

Psychoeducational Therapy

Psychoeducational therapy is an approach that uses the principles of education as a way to examine and modify an individual’s behavioral patterns. When clients are provided with the support and education they need, they can learn to improve their communication and problem-solving skills while identifying and modifying their addictive behaviors.

Biosound Healing Therapy

Biosound healing therapy is a cutting-edge technique that is used to treat alcohol abuse and a range of other mental health issues. In a biosound healing therapy session, clients lie down in a special chair and are covered with a weighted blanket. They are then exposed to a variety of vibrational patterns that they both feel and see. The result is a state of deep relaxation that both affects the nervous system and slows the heartbeat. This procedure has been successfully used to treat anxiety and depression, as well as alcohol and substance use disorders.

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