mantra during a motivational interviewing programMotivational interviewing therapy is a treatment modality that helps individuals struggling with addiction issues strengthen their commitment to taking control of their alcohol use and set meaningful goals for themselves. At Deerhaven Gardens, we use motivational interviewing in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches, and it is often best utilized as a part of the Sinclair Method. The ultimate aim of this technique is to break the cycle of alcohol use disorder and make lasting positive changes by allowing clients to take control of their addictive behaviors.

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What Is Motivational Interviewing?

A motivational interviewing session is structured much like any other kind of individual therapy session. You will be in a comfortable space with your therapist, and you will engage in a discussion. Motivational interviewing, however, is a client-centered approach, and as such, you are the one who drives the conversation. Your therapist, who in this case takes on the role of the interviewer, begins your discussion by asking you to speak openly and honestly about what needs changing in your life. As the session continues, you will be encouraged to discuss and reflect upon the reasons you would like these changes to happen. You will also brainstorm practical ways to bring about these changes.

When we say that motivational interviewing is “client-centered,” we mean that you will be doing most of the talking; your interviewer is there to listen to you. They will also, however, serve as a sounding board and a reflective tool — they affirm what you were saying and repeat your resolutions back to you. The aim, in this case, is to cement your motivations as you establish your short and long-term goals and make resolutions. In this way, the motivational interviewing process strengthens your commitment to change as it helps you develop practical methods of achieving your goals. In the case of alcohol addiction, your main goal will be to begin controlling your alcohol use and freeing yourself of your addictive behaviors.

What Can I Expect in a Motivational Interviewing Program?

You can expect four main kinds of engagement in motivational interviewing therapy. These are:

  • Engagement — Your therapist will ask you questions about your current struggles and concerns, as well as your hopes for the future.
  • Focusing — Your therapist will ask you questions to help you narrow down and identify the specific behaviors that you would like to change.
  • Evocation — Your therapist will ask you questions to help you identify how confident you are in your ability to affect change, how ready you are to put your plans into action, and how well you understand the importance and nature of that change.
  • Planning — your therapist will ask you questions that allow you to identify the specific steps that you would like to take to make the necessary changes.

In a motivational interviewing program, your therapist will not provide you with a set of rules or ideas, and they will not be aggressive or judgmental. As the client, you will maintain autonomy at every step of the way. The idea is that when change is internally driven, it is more authentic and more likely to last.

Why Is Motivational Interviewing Considered so Effective?

Motivational interviewing therapy is a reliable and effective method because it has been proven to be very good at allowing clients to do two essential things:

  • Motivate themselves to change — The fact that a therapeutic approach called “motivational interviewing” focuses on helping clients motivate themselves is no surprise. One of the main ways it manages to do this is through reflection. One of the primary barriers to taking charge of our lives and making the changes we need is the fact that we rarely allow ourselves simply to sit and think without interruption. The motivational interviewing program at Deerhaven Gardens gives individuals something that is all too often lacking in this world: time and space away from the stressors and triggers of everyday life so that they can focus on healing.
  • Commit themselves to change — When we try to change our lives, another problem that we encounter is the difficulty of committing to that change. Even when we know what we want, it can be complicated to know where to begin, and then to dedicate ourselves to putting a plan into place. Motivational interviewing allows individuals to recognize their problems while also encouraging them to set realistic goals and developing practical ways of achieving those goals.

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