woman during a psychoeducational therapy program Of the many treatment modalities we employ alongside the Sinclair Method at Deerhaven Gardens, one of the most successful and sought-out is our psychoeducational therapy program. The foundation of psychoeducational therapy is the relatively simple principle that to combat and control addiction, we must understand it. Examination of and education about our mental states and behaviors are the first steps towards gaining the motivation and empowerment a client needs to face them head-on and eventually modify them. This approach — in conjunction with the reduced cravings and mental remapping that comes with the oral administration of Naltrexone — can be an extremely effective tool in freeing oneself from alcohol dependence.

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What Is Psychoeducation Therapy?

Over the last 40 years, psychoeducational therapy has evolved from a supplementary approach used alongside more basic treatment approaches to a standalone therapeutic program that focuses on delivering didactic, clear, essential information to clients. The goal is that clients and their families feel empowered so that they can better take the necessary action to treat their condition. According to the tenets of psychoeducation therapy, this involves understanding and accepting their condition — in this case, alcohol use disorder — and subsequently learning to address it successfully. Once this most basic level of knowledge is achieved, clients augment their understanding and further bolster their confidence by adding supplemental therapeutic approaches to help them achieve their recovery goals. These most often include treatments like cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and various types of confidence training.

Practitioners in psychoeducation therapy programs seek to combine science-based treatment modalities with the empowerment that comes with education about one’s condition.

What Can I Expect to Learn in a Psychoeducation Therapy Program?

Therapists and clinicians in a psychoeducational therapy program like the one at Deerhaven Gardens provide different types of information to achieve the desired outcome for each client.

On the one hand, they provide condition-specific information, which in this case involves information about alcohol use disorders as well as about accompanying mental conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, and others. They may discuss how to recognize the early symptoms of these conditions, how to manage the symptoms, how to handle relapse, the relationship between addiction and genetics, and other issues.

Our team will also provide each client with general information about these conditions aimed at helping treat the condition, but also at giving them the tools they need for genuine, lasting control over their addictive behaviors. These tools may include:

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Self-assertiveness training
  • Working on communications skills
  • Problem-solving training
  • Identifying stressors in the household
  • Working on how to educate family members and primary caretakers

This last aspect is a critical component of any psychoeducational therapy program but is particularly important when this treatment modality is combined with the Sinclair Method. Learning to explain the elements of living with alcohol use disorder to family members in a way that they can understand is essential. But it can be especially complicated when the client is participating in a non-abstinence-based program like the Sinclair Method.

Learn More at Deerhaven Gardens

At Deerhaven Gardens, our goal is to help our clients heal by providing individualized treatment in a luxury, resort-style setting. One of the ways that we are able to do this is by offering a broad range of therapeutic approaches that have been demonstrated to work well in tandem with the Sinclair Method. Psychoeducational therapy is primary among these. To learn more about our alcohol treatment program, reach out to us online or call us at 888.815.5735 today.