group celebrating the c three foundation

C Three Foundation Celebrates Two Years

Reprinted by Deerhaven Gardens  The C Three Foundation was created to help save the lives of alcoholics worldwide. We aim to educate doctors, alcoholics, family and friends of alcohol-dependent people about the most successful long term treatment for alcoholism: The Sinclair Method. Two years ago today, on June 12, 2013, the C Three Foundation was…

woman after using TSM and Naltrexone for treatment

Naltrexone, TSM and Claudia Gave Me Hope… There’s Nothing Better Than Hope!

Reprinted by Deerhaven Gardens  The following was written by C. B. and used with permission for Global Sinclair Method Awareness Day. It has not been edited in any form. When someone like me who is pretty ‘in control’ most of the time then has AUD – Alcohol Use Disorder – take over, it’s darn scary.…

woman after reading C Three Foundation response

C Three Foundation Response to the Atlantic/All In on MSNBC

Reprinted by Deerhaven Gardens  Journalist Gabrielle Glaser has created quite a stir with her April 2015 article in The Atlantic titled “The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous.” In her article, she highlights the lack of science behind 12-step programs. This lack of science is, in part, due to AA’s anonymity principle. The organization does not keep…

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Why Aren’t Doctors Prescribing This Medication?

Reprinted by Deerhaven Gardens  Editor’s note—the following article is a paraphrased version of an article about Dr. David Sinclair by Oskari Onninen in the Finnish publication Helsingin Sanomat on July 5, 2105. Copyright law prohibits us from providing a direct translation, but thanks to Timo Ruikka, we are able to work from a direct translation…