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Open Letter to SAMHSA

Reprinted by Deerhaven Gardens ®  Earlier this year, the C Three Foundation, with the help of Stephen Cox, MD; Roy Eskapa, Ph.D.; and Jukka Keski-Pukkila of the Contral Clinics, submitted an application for The Sinclair Method to be recognized in SAMHSA’s National Registry for Evidence-based Programs and Practices. On March 4, we received notification that our…

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Alcohol, Nutrition and Your Gut: Nurturing the Optimum Conditions for Success in Alcohol Reduction

Reprinted By Deerhaven Gardens ®  By Ali Wilde Malnutrition is common among people who use alcohol to excess, with many of those struggling with addiction consuming high volumes of calories with little nutritional benefit. This presents something of a Catch-22 for optimal recovery, which requires the treatment of biochemical imbalances that create barriers to recovery. A…